Life in Year One

For a Christian, there is an undeniable curiosity about Christ.  This book, as stated by the author, does not try to tell us how Christ lived, instead it tries, as much as anyone can know without a time machine, tries to reconstruct the living habits of the time.  Of course, these living habits and cultural constructs reflect back to Christ, and make us understand him better.

I was interested to learn about how Christ felt when he came to Jerusalem, and how the roof of the house the man was let down into was probably reeds.  Also, how poor the little corner that Jesus came from was.  All of these things, added to the reflected quality of the book.

This was a great book to listen to.  The actor had a slightly tongue in cheek way of reading that melded well with the enormous amounts of author’s notes dispersed throughout the book.  At first, I thought this author’s note asides would be annoying but for the most part they were not, except when the fell in to the trivial, as when the author talks about the crucifix and Madonna (the rock star, not the Blessed Mother).
Life in Year One: What the World Was Like in First-Century Palestine