Little free library

My neighbor just opened a little free library.  Now, if you don’t know about this movement check out their website at Little Free Library.  Essentially you buy or build a small box about the size of a bread box. Then it’s like the “leave a penny, take a penny”,  but with books!  In other words, if you see a book you like take it, return it if you like when you are done or put different one in.

Our neighbor had a little party with cookies and lemonade for the grand opening.  Many neighbors came down to bring books and take books home.  I traded Swiss Family Robinson and Eastern Mushrooms for Girl with a Pearl Earring and Trout Country.  Steve also donated a copy of his book: How I met Van and Numan Future, Present and Past: Or my first impression of the future by So Cal Punk. It was a great evening of visiting with neighbors who are obviously readers!



Yarn Harlot

Although I only have knit one thing, I loved Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter.  There are so many parallels between knitting and quilting, or really any crafting activity.  Her chapters about her stash were hilarious, her frustration with certain patterns was hilarious.  When she triumphantly achieved a new knitting skill after several pages of funny struggle, it reminded me of all the quilting skills I have achieved through huge effort.  And when she talks about her first baby blanket she ever made: for her first child and uses it for a blatant metaphor for parenting in general, I loved it. She also nearly had me crying when she talked about one of her experiences as a doula.  I haven’t had such a range of emotions for a long time from a book.

Big announcement, big changes

Here I go again… a new blog.  You can see by the title this blog will have a broader scope.  I am beginning it due to the need to keep track of my reading.  I had initially set up a book list on April Sewing Journal. However, I soon realized that without being able to search and sort, I will not be able to access my book list the way I want to.  I am an avid reader, often reading two or three books a week.I used to keep a little card catalogue of my books, but I got tired of it.  Nerdy, yes, but useful when someone asked me about a book, I remembered an odd bit of information I wanted to look at again or I wanted a gift for a friend, I could find it.  This blog will take the place of that little card catalogue. I think it may  also be an useful resource for people to access the list for reading inspiration.  I will also incorporate other thoughts and ideas that don’t necessarily fit in the scope of my other blog: April Sewing Journal.

In other news: my husband, Steve Brooks, has just published his first book: How I met Van and Numan Future, Present and Past: Or my first impression of the future by So Cal Punk.  I wrote the first chapter which can be previewed at his web site, Buns on Mars. This is a science fiction story in three parts. It’s about two clones, Van and Numan, who manage to destroy their ship, get sent from the future back to earth and get sent back again to Mars. Through these misfortunes, they get awarded with medals, almost fall in love with an earth girl, and end up on a dream remote viewing misson to steal plans from the Chinese Martians. This narrative plays with time and space in an ironic and amusing way to entertain the reader. If you are interested in ordering the book, it is available on or