All wound up

Yes, after I read Yarn Harlot,  I went to the library and put all of Yarn Harlot’s books on hold.  This is why I have trouble with the 30 hold and check out limits.  Anyway,  All Wound Up: The Yarn Harlot Writes for a Spin, is just as funny as Yarn Harlot.  Again Stephanie Pearl-McPhee talks about the frustration of patterns, and the irritating questions non-knitters ask knitters.  I empathize with her stories about her knitting stories as they run very close to my quilting stories.

Ms. Pearl-McPhee also has a remarkable ability to laugh at daily life. She includes a story about her husband getting trapped in his pick up truck that is hilarious.  She also is able to capture with clarity those little voices we all  have, the petty ones that wonder why are people so unwittingly rude, as she makes up things to say to people’s odd questions when she knits in public.  She also reminds of the things our moms ingrained in us: that we should have a clean house, we should get dressed in the morning and so on. 


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