In Office Hours

In Office Hours is all about adultery as the title implies: in the office.  We are treated to the story of two love affairs.  One is a traditional man and his subordinate, the other in a feminist reversal, woman and her prodigee.  This is written in a kicky sort of British way, very reminscent of Bridget Jones diary.  There is a sadness about it, but it keeps up a remarkably fast pace that made it fun to read.  Although there was some sexual tension, it unfortuately left much of the sex to the imagination.  While I do fine in my imagination, I never mind reading a racy scene. It brought up an interesting question to my mind:  Where are all these men in offices?  I also would like to know where these offices are.  Every office I have been in is stuffed full of women, with only a sprinkling of men.  Which brings up the question where do men actually work?


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