In stitches

In Stitches is one of the best books I read this year. The book is full of the stress, paranoia and narcosis that is those first years of adulthood, only with the added craziness of medical school. Dr. Youn has a self-depreciating humble way of describing the rigors and trials of medical school.  Several times I laughed right out loud. He also delves into his personal life, including details about growing up Korean American and somewhat of a nerd.  He talks about his father’s heavy pressure on him to become a doctor, and not just any doctor: a surgeon.  His father is the only parent he knew who would have been disappointed in him if he became just a regular doctor. He talks about kind of floating along uncertainly with only his father’s intensity to guide him until he finally has an epiphany based on one sad incident, that gets him into plastic surgery.  All in all, he is very personable, interesting, and funny to read.
In Stitches Youn, Anthony, 2011


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