how to fix copyright

How to Fix Copyright is one of the most important books concerning cultural growth in the Western world. Mr. Patry explains how copyright laws are insisting on stifling creativity at a time when the internet is making it explode.  His argument is that copyright laws are too broad.  The laws are not allowing cultural building. The copyright laws have too long of term with two outcomes. Some works are over protected and due to this not allowed to be part of the canon to be built on by newer artists. Others become obscure because the owners can’t be found to release the works even as the internet allows small disperse audiences to grow. Either way the cultural loss is apparent. Copyright does not serve and promote the artist’s interests as much as protecting corporate interests.

The book is very well written, although I would say if you aren’t particularly interested in this issue you may find it a little long.
How to Fix Copyright, William Patry, 2011, Oxford University


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