Winning the clutter war

If any of you know me or have been to my house, you know that I have deep fear of becoming a hoarder.  This is not because I find those people strange or disgusting, but rather because I feel I could easily slip into that space.  As part of that internal battle, I pick up any organizational or housekeeping self-help book I see at the library. Winning the Clutter War is my newest read in that genre.

Although the author was writing to the person in much more dire messiness than me, many of her tips would be helpful to a broad variety of people lacking organizational skills.  I found several tips that I could use in the book, for example, the 30 second rule, ie if you can complete a job in 30 seconds just do it already.  However, I read a lot of book to dig out those gems. She offers a support group style of clean up as well, with a considerable amount of the book focused on why she feels people are messy and the types of messy. This was not particularly insightful to me or interesting.

Winning the clutter war, Sarah Felton, 2010


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