I dream of Jeannie

Jeannie Out of the Bottle is exactly what you would expect from Barbara Eden with one exception. Using a device from the book: more about that later.  She tells the story of her life in a semi chronological order, jumping forward and backward once in while but in a logical way.  The book is read by her and is infused with her gentle, genuine, cheerful character.  She does mention some tragedies such as her divorce, her miscarriage and her second divorce.  There is a great deal of name dropping.  She tells about her interactions with nearly every big name in Hollywood.

The most shocking thing about this book is the last chapter.  She discusses her son’s drug addiction and his death from overdose. It is a heartbreaking and touching story. She is deeply saddened and is actually weeping on the book.  However, as a listener, I was completely blindsided.  I been in this cheerful gossipy book, and suddenly I was thrust into a harrowing almost afterthought.  I know this was a horrible experience and one that deeply affected her, but it was not part of the same book that she had just read.  Maybe this story was its own book, because it sounds like enough happened to fill a book and she just skimmed the surface.
Jeannie Out of the Bottle by Barbara Eden, audiobook, 2011


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