The Neighbors are Watching

The Neighbors Are Watching: A Novel is story about how one event or one person can bring everything to a crisis.  It is about a group of neighbors and how they react to one person’s pregnant daughter coming to live with him suddenly.  We only briefly see things from her perspective even though she is the ignition for all of the changes that happen.  It is from the perspective of the comfortable middle-aged people, we mostly see events unfold.  Before this, they live next to each other with little interaction.  They have a live, let live attitude, but we find out each person, each family has deep flaws.

I enjoyed the book.  It reminded my of Anne Lamott’s novels, all about eternal processes and very little action. It has a breezy California feeling where bad things happen, but they sort of work out.  There is a certain amount of flippancy to way the author deals with the characters emotions while not realistic, works in this case.

The Neighbors Are Watching, Debra Ginsberg, 2011


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